All of us here at Broughton House would like to thank Allotment For Veterans for their kind donation of 4 hanging baskets. The baskets will be displayed around the side walkway of our new front garden for all visitors to see.
Located on Tindall Street Allotments in Eccles, Allotment For Veterans is a not-for-profit community group that provides a place for like-minded people to get involved with gardening or to simply pop-in and have cup of tea. The space was founded by Royal Artillery veteran, Vinny, and is open most days for anyone who would like to visit or help out. Vinny came up with the idea for an allotment last year as he found that a lot of comrades in the ex-service community do not have gardens and continue to live in isolation. The allotment acts a great way for those in the ex-service community to get some fresh-air, socialise and relax while surrounded by like-minded people.

Morrison Shelter at Allotment for Veterans in Eccles

Having only started the work in February 2022, the team of volunteers have rapidly made improvements to the allotment, erecting a shed, a Morrison shelter, four greenhouses and a number of raised plots. The Morrison shelter is a huge hit with guest visitors, hidden under a blanket of grass, the bunker has been kitted out with a set of bunk-beds and lots of old World War 2 memorabilia.

The onion crop at Allotment for Veterans

Not only have they managed to put the right infrastructure in place, but they have brilliantly been able to grow a variety of assorted fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs, most recently having a hugely successful crop of large white onions, peas and potatoes. They aim to continue growing their crops year-round and try their hand at things that wouldn’t ordinarily be in supermarkets.

Allotment For Veterans with their kind donors

Salford City Mayor, Paul Dennett, recently paid a visit to the allotments alongside: ForHousing, Liberty, Supported Housing, Broughton House and Trafford Veterans. The Mayor was given a tour of the allotment by Vinny who showed him the wonderful transformation they had created over the last few months, turning a baron patch of land into a thriving space for fruit and vegetables.
ForHousing and Liberty have been huge contributors to Allotment for Veterans so far with ForHousing generously donating £5,500 to go towards a new shed, greenhouses, garden sleepers and first-aid training for all volunteers. Liberty, were kind enough to donate £5,000 to purchase the materials they need.
To support or get involved with Allotment for Veterans, contact Vinny: