Armed Forces Support Hub

Proving There Is Life After Service

The Broughton House ‘Armed Forces Support Hub’ is here for former members of the Armed Forces and their families in Greater Manchester. We will support you from transition, every step of the way. Whatever your age, Service or circumstances they matter not, we are here to help.
One of the many things that makes Broughton House unique is that our Armed Forces Support Hub is ran by a team of experts with vast experience in providing support for the ex-service community. Amongst the team includes the likes of ex-service personnel themselves, giving a greater understanding of the delicate needs and issues at hand suffered by the Armed Forces Community.


Our Hub offers a wide range of services to enable us to help you, as best we can. These include:

Counselling/Therapy – for individuals or couples, regarding issues such as depression, anxiety, bereavement/loss or difficult relationships.
Welfare Support – for issues concerning housing, benefits, employment, training and compensation.
Person-centred Therapy – focuses on an individuals unique, personal potential to explore creativity, growth, love and psychological understanding.
Couples Therapy – helps people understand why their relationship is in distress to rebuild lines of communication.
CBT – works on the belief that emotional reactions are influenced by mental images of themselves and the meaning they give to their life events.
Transactional Analysis – a psychodynamic approach that brings focus on how past events impact our current lives.
Rewind Trauma Therapy – aimed at reducing trauma/phobia’s through relaxation and guided imagery.
Clinical Hypnotherapy – a natural state of altered consciousness that allows the mind to be more open to suggestions about certain topics.
Personal & Professional Coach – helping clients achieve their goals through collaboration.
Wellbeing Service – addresses isolation, loneliness and exclusion.

Contact Us

If you would like one of the armed forces support hub team to assist you or for more information, please:
·        Call: 0161 464 9521
·        Email:

“I really looked forward to the sessions. I feel like it really helped me a lot.

“I think I would have gone back into my dark places had it not been for my weekly sessions with my counsellor from Broughton House.

“The session certainly helped me, I felt a little lost when the Veterans Service Counselling finished but it is nice to know that Broughton House will be there for me if I need them again.

“This has helped me so much, thank you.”

Broughton House's Armed Forces Support Hub