Our Mission & Future Vision

To meet the ever changing needs of the entire armed forces community throughout every stage of their life. We believe that all veterans and their families should live with support, friendship and dignity.

Our Vision

That all veterans and their families can live in the knowledge that support is on hand whenever they need it from the entire armed forces community.

Our Values


We are committed to serving all those who have served us, regardless of their financial, physical, emotional, mental health & wellbeing needs.


We provide a holistic ‘person-centred’ service delivered by compassionate and caring staff who are committed to preserving and promoting dignity and pride amongst our service users.


We respect, value and appreciate all those who benefit from Broughton House services, all those who make our work possible and the families and communities we work with in meeting our aims.


Our staff are trained to the highest standards, professional, compassionate and dedicated to veteran care at every level of the charity.

Our Future

Introducing the Broughton House Veteran Care Village


In order to become relevant to the growing demands of veterans of all ages, Broughton House has embarked on the creation of the first Veteran Care Village for the North West. Whilst ex-Servicemen and women vary in their ages from those who served in WW2 to those who have served more recently in Iraq and Afghanistan, the long-term major recruiting area of the North West means that their needs are here now, and will be for many years to come. And because of their varying years and degrees of suffering, their needs will vary too.

The Broughton House Veteran Care Village will provide the complete holistic services required by veterans and their families on one dedicated site in Greater Manchester. The unique approach is an inspiring vision to enable and empower the armed forces community to live with dignity and independence in ‘life after service’.

The Broughton House Veteran Care Village will meet all their needs and make the right links to get specialist support and advice for every stage of their life.


Designed to offer the most supportive and dignified environment, the registered care and dementia facility will be divided into smaller ‘households’ so each veteran continues to feel at home.


The independent and assisted living apartment concept combines the freedom of independent living with the reassurance that a caring community is close by for help, support and friendship.


A transformational change for the charity, the Armed Forces Support Hub will engage with veterans living in the community and offer support in the areas of health, welfare, education and social needs.

We look forward to the next 100 years as we work together to transform the lives of our veterans and their families.

If you would like further information or to help support the project, please contact Rhys Edwards on 07368266823 or by email at rhys.edwards@broughtonhouse.com.