Volunteering Fundraising

Volunteering Fundraising

Join the Broughton House volunteer community and help us to support veterans when and where the need it.

There are hundreds of ways you can volunteer for Broughton House. Whatever you do and no matter how much time you have, we’re truly grateful for all your support.

Here are some great ways you can volunteer for us:

  • Find places for, and look after, Broughton House collection tins.
  • Assist with or run your own Broughton House merchandise stall at local community events.
  • Volunteer at Broughton House community events such as Spring, Summer and Christmas Fairs, Gala and Challenge events.
  • Create your own fundraising and awareness events supported by the Broughton House team. Some recent volunteer events include; The Bury Fusilier Bury to Blackpool Walk, The Soul Supporters Northern Soul Nights for Veterans; A Speed Dating night, Bake Off’s and more…
  • Help at Broughton House – spend time with the veterans chatting over a cup of tea, a game of chess or a crossword challenge. Or use your own skills to provide variety and interest for the residents. Recent volunteer activities at the House have included art classes, poetry recitals, dance demonstrations and more…

We would love to hear from you if you have any time spare to volunteer, call us and pop in to discuss how you can enjoy a rewarding volunteer experience at Broughton House.
If you would like to get involved please contact either: rhys.edwards@broguhtonhouse.com or laura.carr@broughtonhouse.com for further information.

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