Nursing Care

Nursing Care – The Sir William Coates Suite

Broughton House provides a warm and safe environment that encourages independence and choice.

Our residents can rest assured that they will have support available 24 hours a day regardless of their nursing needs, capabilities and ability. They will be provided with a level of assistance which meets their individual requirements whilst encouraging independence, promoting dignity and protecting privacy.

As part of the William Coates nursing unit individuals will have 24 hours support provided by trained care staff as well as the reassurance of a qualified nurse on duty. The nursing staff will, in conjunction with each resident, develop individualised care plans, order and dispense medication, adhere to treatment plans prescribed by other health professionals and utilise their skills and knowledge to maintain good catheter hygiene, provide PEG care, pressure relief and much more.

Our Commitment

Nursing Care offers individuals 24 hour support and care with the added reassurance of a professional nurse who writes and monitors care plans and provides and administers treatment.

If your loved one is suffering from a physical or mental condition or frailty, our qualified nursing staff are on hand to identify, interpret and deliver medical attention.

Residents are kept mentally and physically stimulated with activity programmes provided by our Health & Wellbeing Co-ordinators. Activities are specifically tailored to each individual’s residential care needs, hobbies, interests and lifestyle.

Our Head Chef and team ensure every individual receives a nutritious and balanced diet. Meals are tailored to meet personal preferences and reflect individual dietary requirements. The nurse will liaise with other members of the multidisciplinary team such as speech and language therapists, in order to ensure that mealtime experiences continue to be enjoyable whilst meeting the ever changing needs of our clients. Specialist utensils and equipment can be made available if required and all staff undergo training around diet, nutrition and the IDDSI framework.

If you would like further information on the care provided at Broughton House then please contact the Broughton House team on / 0161 740 2737.