Residential Care

Residential Care – The Donald Gibbs Suite
Broughton House provides a warm and safe environment that encourages independence and choice.

Veterans in need of our residential support are housed in the Donald Gibbs suite (named after our former longstanding Chief Executive).
The Donald Gibbs suite has 16 rooms and is aimed at supporting those who are largely independent, but still require support with certain aspects of daily living; in order to maintain their health and wellbeing. This may be due to long standing medical conditions, managed by either the GP or hospital team, or short term illnesses, that may need input from a district nurse alongside the unit staff.
Derrick and Karen in the reception area
Our Commitment
The dedicated care team on the residential unit are led by a unit lead who is trained to: order a dispense medication, manage the staff team, liaise with outside agencies and much more. The staff work closely with the local district nursing team and the GP carries out a walk round every Thursday.

Each bedroom on the unit has an ensuite shower room, mechanical bed (to assist with mobility) and room to furnish with personal belongings.

All of our residents will have a support plan tailored to meet their needs, this includes dietary requirements and preferences, hobbies and activities, family relations and any medical issues.
Our Head Chef and team ensure every individual receives a nutritious and balanced diet. Meals are tailored to meet personal preferences and reflect individual dietary requirements.